You have reached the homepage of the Global High IQ Society. We are an international community of highly intelligent people with nearly 600 members from all over the world. To be eligible for membership you must possess and IQ in the 90th percentile. That is an IQ of 120, sd 15; 121 sd; 16 or 132; sd 24. We have our very own secure private social network for members to communicate and exchange ideas with our very own private chat room for members to interact in real time.

The simplest way to qualify is to take any one of our tests at IQ-Test.ca and achieve a score at or above the 90th percentile. Additionally, you may qualify via other tests accepted by us for admission, but you still need to register at IQ-Test.ca and submit your documents for grading. The price for a lifetime membership is $35 US and will autogenerate your downloadable membership certificate. You must both have a qualifying score and purchase membership to obtain your certificate. If only one of the above 2 conditions are met you will not have access to the certificate. To unlock your certificate both conditions must be fulfilled.

If you have question or require more information please contact as at GHIQS Support.

GHIQS is a member society of the TENIQ High IQ Network.


Our new members area with Mighty Networks is now available. You will have received an invitation to join. Please check your email. If you haven’t received an invitation please contact our Support Team!